A dedicated IP address is a unique numeric identifier on the Internet that's assigned to a device or a site. Shared web hosting servers usually have plenty of websites under the very same IP, while dedicated ones feature their own IPs which are not shared with anybody else. Even if you use a typical shared account, however, you'll be able to purchase a dedicated IP address that will be used just by your sites - one or a few. Because this can contribute to the speed of thesite, it's much more likely that the website will get improved search engine result positions. Of course, that isn't the sole factor, but it can help you get more visitors and prospective customers. The dedicated IP is also required when you wish to encrypt the info exchanged between a website and its visitors using an SSL certificate.
Dedicated IP Address in Shared Hosting
We provide you with dedicated IPs with all our shared hosting service whatever the data center location and you'll be able to obtain one or several IPs from your Hepsia Control Panel. An additional section will show up in your account and you'll be able to request, delete or view your IPs with just a couple of clicks. You are able to decide what number of sites or subdomains will use a given IP since you can assign one with a couple of clicks to every hostname. For example, www.domain.com can be the main website, which uses a server's shared IP, while shop.domain.com can be your subdomain where you offer goods or services on the web and it can have a dedicated IP together with an SSL certificate. You can switch the IP that a website uses from the Hosted Domains section where you can also keep track which IPs are in use and which ones are available. You can also set some of your sites to use one and the same dedicated IP as long as there's no SSL activated for it.
Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Servers
With just a few clicks inside your Hepsia Control Panel, you'll be able to add one or multiple dedicated IP addresses to your semi-dedicated service and assign them to your sites. The Hosted Domains section of Hepsia will help you see the available IP addresses and to monitor the ones which are in use in no time. Provided you would like to acquire a new IP for an SSL certificate, you're able to use the auto-configuration function, that's available in our SSL order wizard. If you enable this feature, you won't have to do anything after you post your order as our system will request a dedicated IP address, assign it to the domain or subdomain in question, then install the SSL certificate - all this automatically and without any action on your end. That way, you'll be able to protect the data that visitors post on your site even if you don't have any previous experience with this type of matters.
Dedicated IP Address in VPS Servers
All the VPS web hosting service that we provide feature a dedicated IP address, so you will not share the IP with another client with a different account on the same physical machine. In case you choose a web hosting Control Panel for the server throughout the registration process, you'll receive one more dedicated IP too and you are able to use it for any content which you host on your VPS - a website, an application, an SSL certificate, a VOIP server, and so on. In case you need more IP addresses, you are able to order them as an additional upgrade from your billing Control Panel and they will be assigned to your server in a matter of minutes. You'll be able to control your IPs without difficulty through your website hosting Control Panel and the virtualization admin panel that you will obtain to command the virtual machine.
Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Servers
As our Linux dedicated servers feature three dedicated IP addresses provided in the plans by default, we will give you a head start if you'd like to run any application that needs this kind of an IP. We provide them for free and you are able to use them for as long as you use your server for anything you would like - child name servers for any domain name which you host, an SSL certificate for any website on the server, a software server (games, VOIP), etc. Using the Upgrades menu in the billing Control Panel that you will receive to take care of renewals, service upgrades and domain registrations, you can also acquire more dedicated IPs in groups of three at any moment. They will be assigned to your server in a few minutes, so that you can start using them for your sites and web-based apps without delay.