If you intend to start a web hosting reseller business, you may consider reselling domains as well. The two services can make your new company more attractive to clients, because they can obtain all that they need for their web sites from just a single place. Thus, you'll be able to target many more people and the number of your potential customers will grow. Lots of website hosting reseller back-end solutions come with the option to connect to a registrar company with the API of the latter, which means that the registration process will be automated. Having your personal domain reseller account will provide you with additional control and it will enable you to supply more efficient and better assistance to your customers. What's more, the price that you'll pay for a new website name is lower compared to what you would have to pay being an end customer. A deposit is often required for a new domain reseller account.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in VPS Servers
When you get one of our VPS web hosting service and select the cPanel web hosting Control Panel, you'll be able to start your individual web hosting company almost instantly. We will also give you a few free gifts which will help you do that and one of them is a domain reseller account with eNom. That is one of the most well-known ICANN-accredited businesses out there and they support many generic and country-code top-level domain name extensions, so you will have customers from all around the world. Due to the fact that the reseller account will be under our own account, you won't be required to deposit anything and the discount which you will get for your domain registrations will be substantially higher as compared to the one that you will get when you sign up directly. You'll never have to pay for the eNom account that we'll start for you and you can use it for as long as you'll need. The reseller account can be linked to the ClientExec billing and support solution that we'll give you gratis with your VPS.
Enom Domain Name Reseller Account in Dedicated Servers
Each and every dedicated server that is obtained with cPanel comes with a few free gifts and one of them is a domain reseller account with eNom, one of the largest providers out there. They provide more than a 100 generic and country-code extensions, which shall make it a lot easier for you to find customers from all over the world and to offer them hosting solutions and domains in one place. We will set up your account under our own account and this provides 2 benefits - you shall not need to pay any deposits at any time and the prices which you shall see and pay shall be the lowest, due to the fact that we are using eNom's top reseller package. Due to the fact that they are amongst the biggest providers, there're plug-ins for pretty much every single billing solution out there, so you may use WHMCS, ClientExec or any other app to charge your clients.